Incoherent rhymes…

Yum! That’s good…

The picture above — yes, it’s a picture; gently massaged in an old editing program on a Windows XP system* — brings back a welter of memories! The lad, to this day, loves apple sauce…

  • ⇧ Genesis
  • ⇨ Contracts
  • ⇨ Quality Service
  • ⇨Utilization Management

Back in one of my old neighborhoods, I thought I’d get out of my car for a look-see and -if anyone answered the door- listen-hear… No such luck! The windowless black industrial door remained locked unopened. But there was new signage: Building 4 of the County complex now houses primarily (if pride of place is indicative)

[…waiting for access to a No Smoking sign…]

Ah, Stanislaus! I knew you when!
I remember when you rhymed with Apple Sauce...
Nowadays you consonate (what an a-vowel!) with the side of Cole we all call Slaw (slahw)...
Though we could call it salad.

As I was saying, the main resident of good ole # four was -unless I’m mistaken- a residential program for drug and alcohol abusers (among others) they used to call back in the day Reality. I look at the sign again and note: They’ve not given up! Just went back to where it all began.

An interesting tack to take, I think, admiring their pluck and perseverance…

(Still, I wish they was where I and they could could talk, client to I-once-was-addicted-toos (counselor, says Jazz Daddy…) Just for Old Time’s Sake…

The Genesis Program has a back door too, and a lot of places for No Parking (along with four parallel-ing the park behind it) — you don’t mind a barbwired fence protecting it from a climb of some twenty feet — you could assault it from the rear.

  • NO


  • NO

A church board in traditional black felt enclosed by tin and covered by glass displays the PROGRAM HOURS and DAYS; and WEEKEND & HOLIDAYS and the ever-important IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CALL #, just before the NEW DISPENSING HOURS sort of sandwiched between them…

This I presume is where most clients look.

The quote of the day, every day, is tastefully arranged:




Now if that ain’t Reality, I don’t know what is!

Moose Park
Stanislaus River

And here we are again at Moose Park. Well, I was… It’s one of my favorite hang-outs; a place to stroll or sit and read or play guitar. Across the bridge on the other side of the river Stanislaus is a more playground-like park, suitable for even very young children.

Auto access had been gated off on the westerly entrance. But the footpaths were well tended, and river such as it is still flows. (If I had the time, I’d stop to step in it twice — Just to prove an ancient philosopher wrong! Ha!) Meet me at the “L” of RUE DE YOE and N. NORTON BLVD.



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